The Motivation

The Motivation is the fuel that you need to reach your goals.

Motivation, in the context of success and self-improvement, is the “gasoline”, the “spark”, the “flame”, the “engine” or “energy” within us that urges us to do and continue doing things that perhaps normally we would not do.

If being successful is your desire, you should be aware that there are some things about you that you should adopt, change or eliminate from your daily life to become so. But the changes are not easy to perform.We need motivation.

We need motivation to change. It’s not easy, but necessary.

But change involves breaking or modify some (or all) of our habits, beliefs and even values. We must put aside the “status quo” (the state / situation of things at any given time) and adopt new thoughts, emotions and attitudes – these changes will cause us to make different actions and therefore we will have different results.

Hopefully these results are those that help us to have a happier, abundant and productive life.

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If we do not take responsibility for our results and our life, nobody will do it for us. According to the definition of insanity, if we do not change we can not learn, grow and improve our current situation and probably fall into a routine which could be very difficult to leave. Like a broken record we will be going round and round and round without being able to move towards the new horizon that awaits us, until we dare to raise the needle and select another song, a nicer.

Motivation is the “force” that exists inside and outside of us that encourages us to do things. So to become successful is very important to remain constantly motivated and inspired to keep the path we have chosen for our lives. For this there are many techniques and ways to do that later discover.


Types of Motivation

The internal motivation (intrinsic) is an incredibly powerful force, which unfortunately many do not give the importance to not know it used as the most powerful petrol there. When we got up early ready to work with enthusiasm and optimism, without anyone telling us what to do, or when we are able to turn off the TV to go read or study, or when instead of eating a slice of cake choose something healthier and nutritious, we are using our intrinsic motivation.

The external motivation (extrinsic) is normally depend on it to meet our goals or tasks. There are factors beyond us that drive us to act in a certain way and we do it only for these reasons and not because we really want them. Some of these factors may be prizes and rewards as a salary increase, job promotion, public recognition etc. or punishment or negative consequences such as diseases, penalties, humiliation etc. It is common for this type of motivation (positive or negative) of in the workplace.

Positive motivation is better

Many times employees have to fulfill certain tasks for fear of reprisals from his boss, even if they did not agree nor find meaning to what they should do. Fear of losing their job and not being able to support your family is your source of motivation. While other employees motivate themselves to fulfill their tasks as they know they will receive a bonus or recognition if they are not fully committed to the company.

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Both sources of motivation will drive us to do certain things that may be of benefit to us. However, we recommend that the source of our motivation and inner strength originates in ourselves and that we focus on getting pleasure, instead of avoiding pain.

It is better to be motivated to quit because you will regain your health, which prevent lung cancer.Better to eat healthily to show off a slim figure and be healthy, that to stop being fat. As it is better to return to school to prepare more, to return to avoid being terminated from employment due to lack of formal education. Although the end result is the same, by focusing on internal and positive motivation will be keeping your thoughts, attitudes and actions aligned with what you want, and therefore will be activating the Law of Attraction in your favor, facilitating the achievement of what you’ve proposed.

In this section you will learn different techniques to keep you motivated and that every day that passes you closer to the life you want no matter how far you are from it at this time.

The important thing is every day closer gradually to achieve their goals, persist, have a plan and stay motivated until all you want is fulfilled – and as in the way you r’n happening new things to achieve, you must always keep you motivated – as there is no force on earth that can stop us.



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