7 tips to increase Self confidence

7 tips to increase self-confidence

Self – confidence is this ability to convince yourself that you are capable of doing everything you set your mind to it . In general, it is that you feel confident that you will leave well in any situation, no matter how hard that sometimes may seem.

Have confidence in yourself can be very difficult to master, or could come to believe that is something that only certain people with certain personality type can have. However, I must say that the self – confidence is not exclusive to certain people, and even, is something that with a little effort you can build.

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1. Learn to overcome the fear of ridicule.

The fear of ridicule is paralyzing and when you do not control, is causing you decide not to do certain things for fear of making a mistake. To overcome the fear of ridicule must understand that you are not perfect and you’re entitled to go wrong. Also, What if you make a mistake? The world does not end!

A clear example is when you do something for the first time. Rather than let fear overcome you, stop for a moment and ask yourself who would be the worst that could happen. Sometimes too we visualize everything bad that could happen and we place so much importance, that simply opted for better of it, and this does not help us at all to gain confidence.

Stop worrying about everything, he loses all fear of embarrassment and dare to act. Do not let fear stop you.

2. Do not give power to “what people say”.

This point is perfectly combined with the former, and is such a toxic combination that is definitely able to reduce any self – confidence.

When you move or make decisions always thinking about “others will say” never going to learn to trust yourself and not to be responsible for your situation.

The good news is that this behavior can Irlo eliminating . To do so start by checking your own beliefs and carefully analyze them. On the way you will realize that many of them will have self – imposed by the need for approval, and ask yourself if you really worth continue doing so .

3. Know yourself and love yourself.

When you know yourself well, you love yourself and accept yourself as you are is easier than you achieve create an attitude of self-confidence.

Try to practice habits that help you feel good and enjoy you . For example, invests time in pampering, in exercising, eating well, in looking good. Ponte clothes that make you feel comfortable, speak slowly, smiles, stop criticizing and date that you deserve acceptance.

4. Short Ponte Goals.

The self-confidence is built day by day and one way of doing is putting small goals.

For example, challenge yourself and do things you usually avoid for fear of failing or wrong. If you have trouble making friends, why not sign up for the gym, where in addition to acquiring a healthy habit, you’ll have the opportunity to meet new people and make more friends?

The goal is to gradually go with small gains increasing confidence in yourself, and also reaching small goals to go your motivation will grow.

5. Do not see the problem but the solution.

Do not be that person any problem feels that the world is coming.

Remember that problems are often disguised opportunities, so start and to practice good habit of finding a solution to every problem that comes your way .

6. Be grateful.

When you practice gratitude you let into your life positive energy and good vibes.

When you are grateful, you become a person able to see the best of things, even those that are not so good, and this positively affects your ability to trust yourself.

7. Visualize yourself as the person you want to be.

How do you visualize?

Who is the person you want to be?

I doubt that you visualize as a mediocre, sad and achievements in life person.

We all want the best and want to be achievers; the problem is that sometimes we do not know how to do or think we are not worthy to achieve what we both want.

It is important not forget that everything you give is what you get, and if your thoughts are those of a coward person who believes he deserves nothing better, that you’re going to attract.Otherwise, if you see yourself as a winner, able to accomplish everything you want and you have decided to take charge of your life, certainly only going to attract prosperity and abundance.

The best to be like people is a lifelong task, and confidence in oneself is just one of the factors that we worry about reach.

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