Removing two Words from your Vacablary

Get Success by Removing two Words from your Vocabulary!

In fact, with the Law of Attraction we understand that there are certain words that have the ability to help us achieve success in our lives, but that there are others who have the ability to stop us to achieve our goals.

The words even have the power to create or destroy , and that is why our speech not only affects how others perceive us; but it is also able to affect our own behavior.

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Two words that you must remove to achieve success  in your life 

Words without doubt define our world and our way of thinking; and this is something that is extremely clear Bernard Roth, a professor of engineering at Stanford University and academic director of the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design Standford, d. School.

For Professor Roth, if we change the way we express ourselves, we can see clearer and a more optimistic things , which in the long run, will help us achieve our goals and succeed in everything that we propose.

In this process, Roth suggests how important it is to remove certain words from our vocabulary, especially because when we use them , what we do is confuse our brain. These words are the “but” and “have to do”.

Swapping the “but” with “and”

Most of the time when we speak, but we are saying positive things, we usually add that “but”without realizing it, is able to radically change our conversation, giving a negative approach. And this is what Professor Roth wants us to learn to do.

For example, instead of saying “I want to go to the movies but I have to work , ” Roth invites us to say “I want to go to the movies and have to work”.

What happens when you do this exchange is that instead of creating a conflict with the word “but” when you change by “and” force your brain to process both parts of the sentence.

In other words, if we return to the example sentence, instead of thinking you have only the option to work, you are given the opportunity to find a solution to both; Simply being able to choose a shorter movie or delegate some of your work.

Swapping “I have to do” to “I want to do”

The second phrase that we must eliminate from our vocabulary for success is  “have to do”.

The problem of the use of this phrase is that makes us feel compelled to do something, and is able to do that in our mind we begin to create an endless to-do list, and often are only in our imagination or many of them they are not as important.

In this case, Roth recommends a very simple exercise: the next time you think of something you have to do, instead of saying “I do”, I change it to “I do.”

According to Roth, when you do this exchange of phrases, you get to take a greater awareness of what you do in your life, even those things you might consider that are unpleasant but you have chosen to perform.

In addition, Professor Roth tells us that the word “want to do” is more powerful than the “have to do” when making challenges; since the challenge of “want to do” a certain task is much higher than the “have to do” given task.

These adjustments to our way of expressing suggested by Roth are based on a key element in the problem solving strategy is known as design thinking.

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